The Colonial's Best Breakfast Dishes

August 2023

The Colonial’s Best Breakfast Dishes, Tolcarne Beach Village

Picture this: you’ve woken up in your Tolcarne room, with views of the beach and the sea breeze seeping in through the window.

Then, you head down to our on-site restaurant, The Colonial, for a delicious, nutritious breakfast to start the day. The most important meal, we serve all our breakfasts with fresh and locally-sourced ingredients. This summer, here are our favourite picks from the breakfast menu:


1. Full Cornish Breakfast


It goes without saying, this one is a must-try.


A Cornish spin on the Full English, we’re frying up two bacon rashers, sausage, hash browns, baked beans, mushroom and cherry vine tomatoes. Served with your choice of white or brown toast and either poached, fried or scrambled egg. Plus, add extra items for just £1 each!


For vegetarians, we’ll swap out meat for grilled halloumi and veggie sausages.


2. American Pancakes


Light, fluffy and delicious, these American-style pancakes are a hit for anyone with a sweet



Choose between maple mascarpone and fruit compote, or bacon and maple syrup. Both equally tasty, and both equally satisfying.

The Colonial’s Best Breakfast Dishes, Tolcarne Beach Village

3. Cornish Kipper


A healthy and nutritious Cornish option, this tasty fish is served locally as a breakfast dish. It’s a

great way to dive into the local culture, immersing yourself in the gorgeous South West of



At The Colonial, we grill our kipper with butter and tomato, served with a choice of brown or

white toast. Simple, but very, very effective!


4. Eggs of Choice


Another breakfast staple, we’ll make our eggs just how you like them.


Choose from eggs benedict, florentine or royale – poached eggs with bacon, spinach or salmon,

always served with hollandaise. Or, opt for smashed avocado and poached eggs on a base of

sourdough, seasoned with chilli and lime.


If you prefer scrambled to poached, don’t worry – we’re also ready to whip up some scrambled

eggs and salmon, topped with chives.


5. Drinks


Though not technically a breakfast meal, we couldn’t complete this list without an honourable

mention for the drinks menu.


Start the day with a caffeine boost and opt for anything from an espresso, to a flat white, to a pot

of tea.


Or, have breakfast in style and wash down your meal with a cocktail. Between Mimosas, Bloody

Marys and Prosecco, it’s the perfect opportunity to treat yourself this summer!


There you have it – our top breakfast picks! We look forward to welcoming you to The Colonial this summer, helping you start your day with a smile.

The Colonial’s Best Breakfast Dishes, Tolcarne Beach Village
The Colonial’s Best Breakfast Dishes, Tolcarne Beach Village
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