How to Spend the Perfect Day at Tolcarne Beach Village

April 2023

How to Spend The Perfect Day at Tolcarne Beach Village, Tolcarne Beach Village

We know that once you arrive at Tolcarne, you’ll never want to leave our hidden paradise.

However, we do also know that reality will eventually call you home. Sigh.  

So – before you go, we want to make sure that you experience the best of every little thing we have to offer. 

Read on to learn more about how you can spend the perfect day at Tolcarne Beach Village!  

1. Wake to the Waves

This may be a little bit of an obvious one – but we wanted to include it anyway.

No matter which accommodation you decide to stay in at Tolcarne, you’re guaranteed an incredible view (and accompanying audio) of the sea. 


As such – your perfect day with us will begin with you waking in your comfy cosy bed, the very first sound you hear is the gentle thrashing of morning waves…


Unless your partner snores, of course. 


2. Grab Breakfast at the Colonial


Before we carry on, one thing you do need to know about us is that we love our food. 


We really love our food. 


So once you’re up and about, head on down to the Colonial (our incredible on-site restaurant) for a spot of brekkie. 


Choose from a selection of delicious dishes – from full Cornish breakfasts and American pancakes to granola bowls and smashed avocado toast (yeah, we’re trendy!). 


Wash everything down with a freshly roasted coffee, pot of tea or a Bloody Mary (go on, you’re on holiday!)

Enjoy your first meal of the day with a front-row seat to the ocean, before you head off to your next adventure. 

How to Spend The Perfect Day at Tolcarne Beach Village, Tolcarne Beach Village

3. Prepare to Get Sandy

We don’t know about you, but our idea of a perfect day includes 28-degree heat and a cloudless, sunny sky. 


In which case – it’s time to get ready for some sun! Grab all of your bits and bobs and head down to our private, sandy cove to soak up some rays. 


And if you’re feeling active, make a splash with our Surf Hire! We also have our Beach Huts available for rent if you’re looking for a place to change or some respite from the sun. 


If the weather isn’t quite right for a day on the sand, you could always head out for a day at Newquay Zoo to learn something new! 


4. Lazy Lunchin’

Lunchtime already? Time does fly at Tolcarne. 


If you’re still feeling satisfied after your full Cornish brekkie (we don’t blame you, we like to be generous with our portions) then head to The Wedge (our on-site cafe) for a light lunch. 

Pasties, pizza, ice creams and cakes are all on offer at the cafe – so there will absolutely be something scrumptious for everyone to enjoy. 

How to Spend The Perfect Day at Tolcarne Beach Village, Tolcarne Beach Village

5. Take a Walk and Explore

As the afternoon rolls around, it’s time to get some comfy shoes on and explore our lovely local area. Stroll into the town centre for a mooch around some wonderful local shops or head down the coastline to take a look at Newquay Harbour (which can be dated all the way back to the 1400s, don’t you know).

6.Indulge in Dinner and Drinks at the Colonial


While we may be just a little bit biased, a trip to Tolcarne Beach Village just wouldn’t be complete without a dinner at the Colonial. Adorned with carefully sourced antiques and treasures from across the globe – the Colonial is the perfect place for a long, relaxing dinner by the sea. 


Our delicious menus change with the season and offer up classic dishes fused with incredible flavours from the Caribbean. 


Fresh seafood, sizzling steaks and scrummy sides come in abundance and the drinks menu is always filled with speciality cocktails, artisan beers and incredible wine options.


7. Get Ready to Do It All Again!  

Snuggle down into your comfy cosy bed and let the lulling waves send you to sleep. When you wake up – get ready to experience all the fun again. 



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