How To Pack Like a Pro This Summer

June 2023

How To Pack Like a Pro This Summer, Tolcarne Beach Village

You’ve booked the holiday and planned the activities. You’re looking eagerly through photos of the destination that awaits, imagining yourself and your loved ones behind the same picturesque backdrop. As the day gets closer, your excitement is growing. Unfortunately, so is the pressure of packing!

Here at Tolcarne, we’re big believers in stress-free holidays. That’s why we’ve compiled our top packing tips, to help your trip run as smoothly as possible before it’s even begun! 

1. Start with a list 

The best way to prepare, writing a list ensures that you don’t forget any of your most important items. 

We recommend starting at least a few days in advance, giving time for new ideas to suddenly spring to mind. For the ultra-organised packer, multiple lists can also be a good idea – for example, one for clothes, another for toiletries and another for electricals. 

How To Pack Like a Pro This Summer, Tolcarne Beach Village

2. Check the weather forecast

It might sound obvious, but ensuring you’ve packed for the right climate is key to a) minimising overpacking and b) avoiding weather-related mishaps. Make sure to check the forecast for each day you’re away, and keep refreshing right up until the day you leave. 

Although, the unruly temperament of British weather may mean it’s worth having both waterproofs and sunscreen on hand, regardless of the forecast… 

3. Use packing cubes 

Packing cubes are a delight for the organised traveller. They come in various sizes and can be bought cheaply online (see Amazon, Ebay, or travel sites such as Osprey or Mountain Warehouse). 

We recommend some kind of categorisation within your packing cubes – for example, the smallest one for underwear, the medium one for tops and the largest one for bottoms. No more digging around a cluttered suitcase for half an hour, only to find your favourite top tucked away in a corner! 

4. Be mindful with clothing 

When it comes to clothing, overpacking is all too easy. Take time to think about the weather, the activities you’ll be doing and, ultimately, the kinds of clothes you actually like to wear.

If you don’t wear it at home, you probably won’t wear it on holiday! Choose items you feel comfortable in, colours that you can mix and match with different outfits, and styles that suit the kind of trip you’re planning. 

As the saying goes, less is more… 

How To Pack Like a Pro This Summer, Tolcarne Beach Village
How To Pack Like a Pro This Summer, Tolcarne Beach Village

5. Keep important items accessible 

Whether you’re travelling by plane, train or car, it’s important to always keep your essentials handy. Our recommendation is to always keep phones, chargers, keys, passports, bank cards and cash in a small bag – then keep a close eye on this bag throughout your journey! 

6. Seal your liquids (and double check!) 

It’s easy to throw sunscreen in a suitcase without thinking twice, but trust us, one small spillage and you’ll regret not taking more care. Ensure all liquids are properly sealed and, for extra protection, keep them safe in cosmetic bags or ziplock pouches. 

There you have it – our top tips for packing like a pro. We look forward to welcoming even more organised, prepared and extra-happy travellers this summer! 

How To Pack Like a Pro This Summer, Tolcarne Beach Village
How To Pack Like a Pro This Summer, Tolcarne Beach Village
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