5 Colonial Cocktails That Can’t Be Missed

June 2023

Top 5 Must-Try Colonial Cocktails, Tolcarne Beach Village

There’s no better feeling than long summer nights sipping cocktails by the seaside. Whether it’s a romantic date for two, a girly beach trip or a family holiday, it’s always cocktail-o-clock at Tolcarne!

This summer, our bartenders will be working hard to bring you a sipping experience that is completely unmatched. To help you prepare, here’s a list of our five favourite cocktails – so you know exactly what to order when you visit us!

1. Tolcarne Sunrise

Starting strong, we’ve put a Tolcarne twist on a cult favourite, mixing orange and grenadine with sweet honey tequila. What better way to kick off your stay with us than sampling our signature drink?

Top 5 Must-Try Colonial Cocktails, Tolcarne Beach Village

2. Sea Spray

As the name suggests, this drink is inspired by the gorgeous Tolcarne Beach itself!

With Lemon Vodka, Blue Curacao, Elderflower, Citrus, Apple, Sugar and Grenadine, this carefully-chosen combo is a treat for the taste buds. Fruity, sweet and sour, it’s a unique experience that isn’t to be missed.

3. Colonial Royale

If the night is set to take a more elegant turn, why not sample the Colonial Royale?

A simple-yet-effective mix of Chambord and Prosecco, this drink is pure class.

As the raspberry undertones infuse with the bubbly prosecco, we promise you’ll be asking the bartender for more!

4. Burning Passion

This fruity cocktail takes your evening on a sweeter turn, combining Spiced Rum, Passoa, Passionfruit, Pineapple, Fresh Lime and Sugar.

We’re all about living with passion here at the Tolcarne, and this drink is no exception! Made with love and care, it’s an excellent choice.

Top 5 Must-Try Colonial Cocktails, Tolcarne Beach Village

5. The Colonial Rum Punch

Ending with a classic that we’ve named after our very own restaurant, this Rum Punch is a personal favourite.

A combination of Mount Gay Eclipse Rum, Tropical Fruits, Grenadine and Nutmeg, this is a drink that you can sip on all night and still want more!

So, there you have it – our top 5 favourite cocktails. Rest assured that there’s plenty more to choose from on our menu, including a range of other signature drinks, as well as all the classics.

So, whatever your tipple – we’re ready to serve it up cold.

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