The Best Summer Lunch Dishes at The Colonial

June 2023

Our Favourite Summer Lunch Dishes at The Colonial, Tolcarne Beach Village

There’s nothing quite like a lovely summer lunch by the seaside. 

From 12-3pm every day, our on-site restaurant is serving lunch like you’ve never had it before.

To save you from all that indecision as you look over the menu, here’s a list of our favourite summer lunch dishes at The Colonial: 

1. Oysters 

The perfect – and traditional – dish for a meal by the seaside, why not be indulge and tuck into some oysters? 

Caught fresh and served with tasty shallot vinegar and tabasco, this is the perfect opportunity to treat those taste buds with something delish!

Choose from a dozen or half a dozen, and start your lunch with a quick kick of seafood.

2. Colonial Burger 

Aptly named after our beachfront restaurant, the Colonial Burger is a classic on our lunchtime menu. 

A combination of Monterrey Jack cheese, bacon, crispy onion, sriracha mayo, lettuce leaf and tomato, it’s packed with flavour and made with love.

Plus, this satisfying meal is sure to leave you full for hours, perfect to kick-start a day of exploring the Cornish coast.

Our Favourite Summer Lunch Dishes at The Colonial, Tolcarne Beach Village

3. Newlyn Lobster Roll

This refreshing lunch combines light sriracha mayo, fresh lobster and chives, served in a brioche roll. 


Lobster is a staple here by the coast, and all our fish is fresh and locally-sourced. Personally, we can’t get enough! 

4. Cornish Moules 

Did you know that Cornwall is the perfect place to try mussels? The huge rocks on our clean, tidal beaches create the perfect home for this tasty seafood meal, making them one of the most sustainable fish to source in the area. 

At The Colonial, our mussels are served alongside a choice of chilli and tomato sauce, or garlic and cream. Plus, they’ll always come paired with a fresh rosemary roll! 

Our Favourite Summer Lunch Dishes at The Colonial, Tolcarne Beach Village

5. Tacos: Hake, Chicken or Mushroom 

Another wonderful choice for a light lunch, we serve three types of tacos: hake, chicken or mushroom. 

Each option is served with salad, skin on fries, pickled onion and chipotle mayo. They’re fresh, tasty and absolutely filled with flavour! 

If reading all this hasn’t made you hungry, we don’t know what will! Head down to The Colonial this summer and satisfy that growling stomach with one of our favourite dishes.

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